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Shan's Laptop's Keyboard - 0
12 oz Can of Mountain Dew - 1

I knocked over a can of mountain dew on my laptop's keyboard :mad:

I have a bottle of electronics cleaner at the house and am wondering, should I take the keyboard out and douse it with the cleaner? Or should i be more gentle??
yea, thats sucky. I would just take it out and douse it, but be gentle. ;)
yea, i agree with Ecniv...Be very gentle! Lol, smart move...

a great philosaphy: Never drink by the PC! :p
yep, and it appears the pop won the battle. oh well i found a keyboard on ebay for $30 with shipping, which is a hell of a lot better than the people that toshiba reffered me to for $150 + shipped on thursday so it should be here monday or tuesday...hopefully :eek:
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