Spiking during gameplay


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When I play games, my computer spikes every 15 seconds (periodic sessions of excess lag). Every 15 seconds, my computer lags a lot for like 3 seconds, then is fine for another 15 seconds. This happens only while I play games. I have a pentium 3 processor 933/133mhz. I play Starcraft: Broodwar. This hasn't always happened on this computer, only recently. I have 384MB ram and a 256MB videocard. What could be the cause of this? Could it be a bad processor? Or could this be a memory leak caused by hardware problems? What's going on?


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maby. check what problems your runing in the background. Like spyware looks like its doing nothing but when you do somthing it takes like 100% for no reson. If that dont work check for virus, if still than check and see if the CPU is getting to hot?. CPUs tend to lower there clock speeds when it hits a really hot temp to try to cool its self down


That shows what happens. Its old but its around where your cpu was made