Slow Windows 7


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My harddrive crashed and my video card went wacky. So I had to buy new stuff, it sucked and it still sucks. I got Windows 7 for xmas and was excited to try that, cause I dealt with the nightmarish mish mash of computer software that is Windows Vista. Now I have a brand new hard drive, video card and Windows 7...this computer is going to kick butt!


It is slow...did I buy the wrong video card, harddrive, or should I throw the whole damn thing in a river? At least I have a decent screen I guess?

Here is what I have:
Windows 7 Home Premium
4GB RAM (3GB useable - why do I have 4 if only 3 can be...I digress, nevermind)
ATI Radeon HD 4300 video card
Intel Pentium D CPU 2.80GHz 2.79GHz (makes sense?)
Western Digital Green (yay environment!) 500GB Hard Drive

All of the drivers are up to date and windows update is current...etc, etc. The machine was built through Dell (this is why I suggest a river) about 2 years ago. Is there something I can do without having to spend more money? Or should I take it to the PC store and let them charge me 2 bills to blow out my fans?

Thanks for listening and any help that you may provide!