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LMAO......thats funny.....MACS rule man i wouldnt use winblows if all my apps were compatable with LINUX...because Linux ownz all of the others.
Lol that didnt make much sence did it?

Anyway, i was trying to say that i hate microsft.

MACS are cool

But Linux is the best ever!

Now if we could take the ease of use of windows, the look of OS10 (mac), and the stability or Linux, i would pay loads for it and we would be pretty much set :D

Id be the happiest person alive.
There goes another Windows vs Linux rant. :D (not that I detest it :D)

Anyway, I don't skateboard. Not much place here in India to do it... :(
yer i skateboarded, until i rolled my ankle twice, twisted my knee, broke my collar bone, and broke my arm in two places , not to mention a bit of ball bruising :confused:

but ive quit.. i cant take the bashing, im getting too old and im moving on with my life
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