Site for sale?

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Yes it is true I have placed Tech Forums For sale.
I have a good reserve on it so chances of it selling are very slim so you might be stuck with me a bit longer yet.
I will only sell to someone who I think would be able to keep this place going good to ensure the life of Tech Forums. If I don't recieve the price I want I will not sell simple as that.

neb1211 said:
why are you trying to sell it?

So I can put more time into my bussiness, its hard trying to run more than one site at one time.
Will you still participate here if you sell it, Chopper?

I wonder who will buy it...if anyone...make a post here if you're planning on putting a bid on this anyone.
Well, I hope it doesn't go down. I like staying here and helping people out. I also wonder how much is is going for.
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