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The Silent Hill series is probably my second or third favourite series ever. However, I'm like the majority of folk. We generally only like the games made by Team Silent.

The others got outsourced, after 2004. Konami just published them. They were so-so in quality, but just nowhere as good.

The third game in particular has so many eerie moments. Like, when you play a girl named Heather, she goes into a room with a mirror, and the room starts to bleed. The door is temporarily locked. It's something that messes with your head.

However, Capcom's Resident Evil series kind of sucks now. They just want to keep remaking the games for money. Even Konami could be getting Bloober Team (from Poland) to remake Silent Hill 2, but it shows that no-one is creative anymore.

There was hearsay about the series again recently. Unfortunately, it was nothing more than that. But it doesn't look as if Konami cares much for reviving the dormant series. They just plug crap like skateboards these days, or slot machines.
The showcase in October was rich in content, which came as a surprise. So that's not my complaint. But what really got me, was that there was no gameplay shown off for any of these... GAMES!

It was like movie trailers. And if they don't play like actual Silent Hill games of the past, I don't see the point in reviving the franchise.
Silent Hill 2 is in my Top 10 games of all time, and nothing will ever beat playing it way back when on the PS2 for me. As for the remake, I don't know what to think, but I'm leaning towards extreme caution since Konami went off-rails years ago. They're not Capcom, let's put it that way. I'd rather they'd just leave SH2 be...
What I don't like about these gaming showcases like the one Konami had last autumn, is that they don't get down to the nitty-gritty enough.

They've got a habit of showing off cinematics and doing a lot of yapping about this, this and this. Yet they never think to show people what the actual gameplay itself is going to be like. Since, you know. You are going to be playing it.

It is a game, after all.
Agreed, the entire AAA field practically exists only to scam and lure gamers into... nothing
Redfall is the latest example of that, but I'm having low expectations about Starfield as well. Not to mention, the travesty that is Suicide Squads... I wish FROM soft made more games haha
The AAA industry is nothing more than a hype train to cash in quick profits for investors and shareholders, then fix the entire game later. Because they know consumerism will win every time.
Being thesaunderschild, I know the Resident Evil franchise and the Silent Hill franchise both went to pot because the companies Capcom and Konami lost their top talent. That of course, being Shinji Mikami, as well as Team Silent.

RE has become a joke with these remakes that cut out a lot of the original content. I had some dumbass saying to me on another forum that the first remake in 2002 had cuts too, but it was very subtle omissions that didn't impact the game one bit. Stuff you barely noticed, or were not remotely bothered about.

It's like some people just make excuses for every company they like, but I don't function that way. If something is amiss, I just say it like it needs to be said. Sure, nothing I say will make a shred of difference, really. But why be an enabler?

Companies keep getting away with murder when it comes to poor games, because they know people are so accepting of anything they dish out. When people stop having this mentality, and improve their approach, Capcom or anybody else, will hopefully know to do better next time.
I have played Silent Hill and Resident Evil on PSX/PS2 in my old days, and those two were my favorite franchises. I can't really stand them anymore right now, maybe I have gotten old lol
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