Should I transfer from one hard disk to another or install from CD


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Hello, this is my first post and I have questions.

I want to replace my primary hard disk with a larger and faster one. It is presently loaded with Windows XP Home Edition as my OS and various software applications.

Is it possible to transfer the entire hard disk, including the Windows operating system to my new hard drive? If so, do I first install the new hard drive as Drive D: and then use the Files and settings Transfer Wizard to do transfer the contents from my original hard Drive which is Drive C: to Drive D:?

Or, should I forget about transferring and simply install XP from the CD-Rom disk onto the new hard drive and then install my various software applications?
Tranfering is possible - but not through File Transfer Wizard (thats just for settings like Backgrounds and Visual Styles). It would be complicated to faf about Transfering the Hard Drive unless you feel you need to. Eg. you have Programs on there you won't be able to install again, or files downloading on a program like Kazaa which you don't want to loose. My answer would be to install a new Windows on the new Drive, as Primary with the old as Secondary - Boot up and just delete Windows; after transfering or copying anything you want to keep like My Documents and My Pictures - saving you from having to fiddle with CDs. THen just install all the Programs again - deleting the old files from your old drive first - infact - just plain deleting everything like a Format from Windows.

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You will have to use norton ghost or something like that. I have done it with a RAID card in the past where I wanted to 'rebuil' my new drive!!!


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They do have some programs, drive imaging, that does allow you to copy your entire hard drive over. This would allow you to keep everything on your hard drive including your OS.

If you want to keep everything you can do a backup then reload windows onto your new hard drive the run the back up to reinstall everything. This would just allow you to keep your files.


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What i would do install windows on your new drive then copy the programs and very thing but the OS incuding my documents like Lord Kalthorn said.