SERIOUS Guildwars problem

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Hey everyone,

I used to play gw on med settings on my old computer with med settings always getting over 30fps.

Installed a new graphics card some time ago and now i am getting 4 fps with everything on low, with these specs:

2GB OCZ Titanium RAM
PNY Geforce 8400GS / 512MB / PCI / Graphics Card
Intel R pentium processor @ 2.8Ghz

Anyone help me?
Did you uninstall the old graphics drivers? If not, uninstall both the old drivers and your current graphics drivers, and then install the newest drivers for your card (visit to get them).

If your old card was an ATI you may need to do a little more than just uninstall the old drivers. The newer versions of the Catalyst drivers are better now, but the old ones required you to clean out the remnants of the drivers after you uninstalled it.
Old card was a terrible 128mb onboard graphics card, and i think i uninstalled the old drivers.. i can run other games with no problem, it just seems to be guildwars after i reinstalled it.

Are the Intel(R) drivers my onboard graphics or are they my processor drivers?
UPDATE: Removed all traces of old onboard intel drivers. All my graphics drivers are up to date. NO difference.
Did you also remove your chipset drivers? Have you disabled the onboard in the BIOS?
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