Reinstalling Video Codecs


Beta member
Recently, I downloaded a few video codec packs that may have done more harm than good. While the packs have allowed me to view this one media file, they seem to have ruined others that once worked before.

I know, it's stupid to not have backups of important system files, and I'm learning that the hard way. I also know its bad to have multiple codecs for the same encoding schemes installed at once.

I'm running a Gateway Pentium III machine, running Win98 SE. 256 RAM, GeForce2 64 Meg video card.

I'm looking for some advice on completely overhauling my installed video codecs. I've gone through "system information", but it is difficult to decipher which codecs were installed recently, etc. Also, the timestamps on the files aren't a help, since they're stamped from when they were last modified on a computer far away, not from when I downloaded them.

Would it be safe to remove all files in the windows\system directory that "system information" says are associated with video codecs, and just re-download only the ones I know and trust? If I get to this point, do you know of any codec sites that I can go for one-stop shopping?

I appreciate any help you can offer. If this is the incorrect forum for this type of post, I apologize.