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so I know this is a techy forum but i have a general content question, I'm all good on the technical side of things but am a little stuck on what to actually put in the site. So, i am currently designing a website for a company that offers training and presentations on security and extremism, they also offer mentors to vulnerable people (at risk of becoming 'terrorists'), because this is such a specific and rare field i'm a little stuck on what exactly to put on there. I already have the basic home, about, services, contact, testimonials stuff. i also have sub pages going into more detail on some of the services provided, so the question i am really asking is there anything i am obviously missing? and if you were to visit a website like this what is it that you would want to go away knowing? any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated :D thankk,
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I would say the main take away (from a personal standpoint based on the information you provided) is that the organization can help you and people you know who may be "At Risk" for terrorism and really try to drive that home. If you can drive that point home, it easily ties into how to spot individuals who are at risk for such, which leads into the training and presentations. Focus on what the majority of folks will find interesting, which is an outreach. Make them want to help others. That's my $0.02.