prmm - a bf2 mod


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So anyone who has bf2 and is sick of all the newbs, 5 year old kids screaming because they get killed, people who complain about everything, the lack of realism and teamwork, the same old boring maps, weapons and game modes, this is a mod u just have to try!

Honestly, in my opinion this is the best mod there is for bf2. The best thing about the mod is teamplay, most of the time I find myself playing with guys I have never met before, using the microphone to tell them where the enemies are, give them orders etc, asking for medic, ammunition, discussing tactics etc.
Sure u could do this in bf2, but it never works. :D Thats because in bf2 no one really does what u tell them to do, and no one uses the microphone. (and if u somehow manage to find someone who speaks, most likely he is a 7 year old boy with his lungs full of helium, or some dude from india)

But in this mod u actually find mature people who are ready to communicate and follow ur orders. Yesterday I almost didn't have time to kill anyone since I was constantly chatting with the commander about where the enemies are, where we need to go etc. Then forwarding those orders to my squad and also telling them where the enemies are attacking from. (I was on a roof so I had a great view). Overall just the best teamwork I have ever seen on a public server.

Their homepage (downloads in here too)
Most of the time u will find me playing in the iGi server.