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I am using Prime 95 to test for stability after doing some overclocking. Is there an amount of time I should let it run before I can determine that it is stable? I currently let it run until my temps get to a point where they are stable for like 15 or 20 mins. My current setup is running my phenom II X3 2.8GHz overclocked to 3.7GHz with a Zalman air cooling setup. The idle temp is about 30C and after about 45 mins of prime 95 the temp is holding constant at about 52C. Do these temps seem ok. During gaming the CPU only goes up to about 42-46C. Also during 3dMark06 it only gets to about 43C. I would like to know if these look ok to run at because I like the performance. (16300 on 3DMark06) Thanks for any help.
To know if it really is stable, run it for 12 or so hours once you get to a good clock setting, but, 30 minute intervals till you get to a higher point is good to do, then run the 12 hour phase...
Generally if it's unstable it will crash or freeze up within the first 15 minutes or so. From there if it does crash minor tweaks will stabilize it, those temps are great, nice overclock as well. Just let it run overnight or something, then you know it's rock solid.
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