Trouble with r5 3600


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Build specs:
Case: meshify C with great airflow
CPU: r5 3600
CPU Cooler: Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 250W
Mobo: AsRock b450 Pro 4

A couple days ago I got a overclock of 4175@1.325ish to post and loaded up a game I like, played for 5 minutes, and went to sleep. I also let it run in prime 95 a while and was happy with the results. No errors. Next morning, no post, so I let it be at default till today when I had the time to gift it another shot. Here are my tries and results. I think I am missing something. My bios setup is settings fans to the mode I want, and XMP enabled. That is the groundwork I start with every time. Then I go into OC tweaker, set the top overclock mode to manual, and then go to CPU settings and set it to manual and I change the clock speed and core voltage. I leave SOC as manual.
4000@1.1 NO POST
^1.15 NO POST
^1.2 NO POST
^1.25 *POST*
4100@ 1.3 NO POST
^1.325 NO POST
^1.35 NO POST
^1.3675 NO POST
^1.375 NO POST
^1.4 NO POST
4050@1.250 NO POST

In Ryzen Master I am able to set clocks to significantly higher, pass Prime95, run c-bench15 cleanly but setting from bios and I fail. I think I am missing a setting in Bios. First pc I've built, I want to run my r5 to its fullest (safe) potential. I have a beefy cooler on it and know it can go further. What am I setting wrong in bios?
Just leave PBO on and leave it be. At 4.1GHz you're missing an extra 100MHz boost bin for single threaded apps. It's not so much cooling or volts, but more how the CCXs are made and their boost algorithm. The cores are rated from best to worst and the best cores (marked by a star in Ryzen Master) are the ones that will properly boost to the advertised clocks while all core scenarios will fall to the lowest common denominator and then will fall to all core base clock if temps aren't under control. Not only that but Zen2 cores can't clock that high in all core scenarios unlike Zen 3 or Intel. So unless you run programs that utilize the full CPU at all times running an all core 4.1GHz isn't gaining you any real FPS percentage and you're losing that 100MHz boost step.

Now since most people are stubborn, somewhere in the settings ASRock boards have a boot voltage that should be set. You also have to make sure it isn't trying to raise fclck over 100mhz. Infinity fabric and RAM ratio should be 1:1 if you have 3600MHz RAM speeds or less, and I'd manually adjust speed, voltage, and timings for a bios overclock. Even after all of this your real net gain will be minimal if any at all, and if you successfully OC via bios Ryzen Master should be uninstalled to make sure it doesn't override your bios settings. All in all it's not worth it unless you can all core OC to your full boost clock, but you'll have to win silicon lottery to do this.
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