preformance difference between service pack 1 +2


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has anyone else noticed a performance differnece between windows xp service pack 1 + 2????

On my old computer which had service pack 1 and 512mb and for the likes of me i cant remember what the processor is, something like an AMD athlon xp dont know what speed it is and an ide hard drive

the new comp has a amd64 winchester 3000+ 1g mb and a Sata hard drive with service pack 2

yet the old comp loads into windows much faster


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SP2 is mostly sercurity updates. it might be justs now you have more programs at startup then you did on your old computer.


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SP2 is loaded with newer WIndows Updates and a bunch of secutiry feature like the new Windows Security Center which I really like. It integrates that with Windows and it even has a virus protection!!!!

It has a new pop up blocker which is pretty neat to see. I can hear the little Blurp when it blocks something. It has an enhanced firewall version compared to the firewall in SP1 or original Windows XP. Wireless connectivity is more secure as well because I have a wireless network.

You can see all this protection can slow up your computer a bit, but I hardly notice a difference.


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Atleast I didn't have a too big performance change after I installed sp2.
And as for the windows security center, I never use it. I don't need it, there is nothing in there that makes using security software easier, and then windows firewall sucks so I have it disabled and it is complaining all the time about firewall being disabled.