Please Help Me !! Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hello all ! I'm god damm peed off, i have just installed this old copy of sh++y cv builder. and even thou i had it on my computer before. this time im having problems registering it, it wont except the serial number thats on the cd i have tryed everything i can think off changing the dashes and stuff but i cant get it too work,i never had this problem before, so it wont let me export the document i have made to word without the code going in. what makes it worse is the fact im doing the cv for my girlfriend an its important and i need it now, i know it only cost a quid and when i try registering it on the net it say there is no program in the database and just cuts off, its all a bit dodgy some cheapo crap, BUT I need it soo bad. jus to say its called cv builder open cv bye mindscape but i dont know if its old or just dodgy cause they dont have it on there crapy web site, please help me please i know how smart you guys all r, can some one tell me how to crack it or anything for that matter. the serial on the cd is 3228-3df8d45e-6c163 :confused:


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Yep, second that, get in touch with customer support. Or ya could just do one in word, CVs are'nt the hardest thing to do