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Im sure I am going to come off as ametuerish but i dont care. i play fantasy baseball, i have a user id and password, and i need it to log in. Please bear with me. I changed my password because the kids kept finding the password and making trades while i was working, changing my teams name etc.. Anyhow, in haste i changed the password and forgot to make a firm note of it, and so now i cannot sign on. OK, the host quides me to a password retrival form, which promts me for my : I.D., and my birthdate. I know my i.d. and I know my birthday, but the system will not agree with me that my birthday is really my birthday. REASON, my account was originally set up by a friend who never bothered to ask me to ask me my birthdate, but instead created me a birthday randomly- which he can no longer remember. The host refuses to release any further information of the account with out the birthdate...

SO, question is, does any one know of any way that i could possibly recover my password, or any wayto bypass my password long enough to change the password to something that i can remember. I am not a malicious abuser looking to cause any trouble, I am a normal guy who just wants to play fantasy baseball after work and not be hated by the other teamsin the league, +$500 it cost me to play. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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I've had about the same situation with another company over passwords. I wrote their customer department, explained the entire thing, and then asked if there were any other way to prove who I was. We came up with a way (me producing some of our previous correspondence and some other numbers) and they retrieved my password. Sounds like you might have already done that. If not, try it.

So, the next question is, did you let Windows save it? Or do you get asterisks when you go to log on?
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