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I have been using the PIN to login to my W10 PC for so long, I do NOT remember the password. If I DID create a password restore disk, I can't find it.

Do any of you folks know a way to generate a new password without knowing the old one? Or am I just inconvenienced? I CAN login using the PIN, and I did create a new account with the same privs as my main account has. So, I'm not really SCREWED; I just would like to have the option of using a password.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Sorry, if you have admin rights, you can always change everything, including all passwords and usernames. No matter, how You have logged in if You have administrator privileges.
In the case you don't have administrator rights with this account, you can always turn on the built-in administrator account and start Windows with that account. Once you're signed in with that account, you can also change anything you want, including passwords and usernames, or delete any user or password.
Enable/disable built in administrator account (there is no password):
Run cmd as admin, then run command:
net user administrator /active:yes
Restart pc

to disable it again, run command:
net user administrator /active:no
restart pc
I DO have administrator rights. how do I change my password without knowing the current password... I'm clearly missing something here.
Thanks for any help.

I suggest you use the following method to make sure everything works
1. enable the built-in administrator account on your computer, for this Run cmd.exe as administrator ie in administrator rights
then enter the command
net user administrator /active:yes
click ENTER
then restart the computer and log in with this new Administrator account (NB click on this account and remember, there is no password)
2. if you have logged in with this new account, you are an administrator with all rights
It will probably take some time for the account to be set up
3. open the data table of all users,
you can do this in several ways
for example, run cmd.exe or %windir%\system32\cmd.exe (recommended with administrator rights) and use the command there
control userpasswords2
and click ENTER
or click Win Key + R
and type Netplwiz in the window and then click OK
etc., there are still those possibilities.
Now a table like this (atached picture) will open and there select the member whose password or other data you want to change (click once on it so that it can be marked or highlighted) After marking, you will see a button below with the entry Reset Password...
Click it and I think you can continue yourself....
When all this is done, i.e. the password has been changed/changed or removed instead, remove the Administrator account created at the beginning again using the now command (open cmd.exe again if you have closed it in the meantime and enter the following command)
net user administrator /active:no
and then restart pc.
When all this is done, the computer should start with only your account, and from now on your new password that you just set will be valid.
Good luck!
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