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Paul Kinyanjui

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Hi guys,

Is there a software or solution that allows you to view windows passwords saved on your machine. My situation is, I have the windows open already but I tried changing the password with little success. Is there a way to view my current password now that its already open so that I can change it?
Help would be very much appreaciated.
If this is Your computer and you personally own this computer and you have the ability to enter it as an administrator, then you do not need any additional software to add, remove, block, change or delete any user's password or modify any user's files and data , to block or delete, etc.
You simply log in with the built-in administrator account in case you can't access your account. If you access your account and you have administrator rights (it is worth remembering that the username administrator or admin is not the same as administrator rights), you simply open the table of all users using Computer Management =>Local Users and Groups, there you select the user you need or user group and change what you want.
If you can't log in, you need to boot the computer using an external bootable device such as a USB or DVD, then you need to enable the built-in administrator account using cmd > net user administrator /active:yes, and everything else is the same if you restarting the computer and logging in with the built in administrator account you just enabled.
If this option is also not available, more data is needed to guide you further, there are several options.
Let me rephrase my concern a little more clearly.

The environment I am working on is a windows 11 virtual machine setup using Hyperv.
Since its hosted on my server, I have it open on my server already so there is that.
I would want to share a folder on some other client machine so I need to have administrator password to facilitate this. I do not want to restart the VM incase the password is forgotten so I have tried to change the password but apparently I am not able to.
I am aware that the SAM file in the config folder should have the harsh passwords but I am not able to find a program that can open it.
Alternatively, Is there a way to reset the password in the event that I am not able to login in as an administrator and the machine is in a remote location.
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