Partition Magic: table error 108


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Hi friends,

My question is about table error 108 that I encountered when I was trying to format and divide 80gb hard drive into two 40 gb discs with the help of Partition Magic. In fact the drive was already divided into two discs and on of them there is Win Xp which is working properly. Everything began when I was trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 onto the other disc but in the process it showed me errors. Then I decided to run Partition Magic and format the hard drive and divide it into two NTFS discs and one ext for linux but it showed me table error 108. Now I want to ask if there is some solution to this problem? I want to erase all data from the drive and divide it into NTFS partitions and one ext. But it doesn't even format the drive. I have always worked with Partition Magic but it is the first time that I encounter such a problem.

Friends please help me.

Thanks in advance
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