OS + Memory Question.


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Alright so I have 2 questions, hopefully I can get some good help! =P

Question 1: What are the REAL differences (if any) between Windows Vista Ultimate, and Home Premium? And, what is the maximum memory they can read? Is it worth the upgrade over XP? Windows 7 won't be out for awhile so lets keep that out. =P

Question 2: I'm using Windows XP Home, and I currently have 4 gigs of memory installed. When I check dxdiag and MyComp props, their both telling me I only have 2 gigs. I had the 4 gig edit going under the properties for awhile, but kept getting errors so switched it back. Could I have a memory/motherboard problem? What programs should I run to check for errors? Thanks! <3


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1. It's just the accessories that come with it. For example, Windows Media Center, etc.

2. You need to install a 64-bit operating system. This recognizes over 100GB+ of RAM. But, you can only go as high as your motherboard can support. It also utilizes all of it. They are a couple/if any compatibility problems with programs.


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1. Things that come with it.

2. You could try resetting your on board settings.
(taking out the little battery on your motherboard and the power cord for 2 mins).

This will usually solve any ram problem unless your motherboard doesn't support 4GB's. But if it's a desktop you probably just need to do what I said above.