Nvidia Sound Corruption


Baseband Member
I have an NForce2 Motherboard with onboard audio. I have a problem with my sound. I keep having corrupted sounds in some games. Like in Praetorians and Rise of Nations. This happens sometimes in those two games and the only way I can fix it is to restart the entire game. Sometimes I have to restart the game many times. All other games I own are okay and sound in normal windows xp desktop is okay, only one incident I remember had corrupt sound in windows xp desktop with a system sound. I've heard of graphics drivers having problems with some games, well, is the same true with sound drivers? Do any of you have weird problems with sound sometimes? It's not like I can RMA the sound chip because it's onboard audio
If its a new Motherboard; send it back and get it replaced or fixed. If its not; just buy a cheap old sound card and that'll work instead.