Newegg scammed me


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Recently I was scammed by Newegg of a MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti DirectX 12 GAMING X 11G. How they did it?

I ordered the shipment normally. They "deliver" it fast. In my case they didn't deliver it at all. Instead they fake a delivery. I'm notified that I have a $750 package outside my door without signature confirmation delivered at 6:23 am. I don't see any package and I freak out.

I file a claim, hop through hoops with customer support waiting hours for a call, then I have to talk to police about a package theft.

When I talk to customer support after I get my police report, they say the package wasn't delivered at all and it has already returned to the factory. There is NO WAY OF GETTING MY ITEMS BACK. As in, IT WASN'T delivered in the first place at all. Might me thinking, "I wasn't there at 6:23 am to physically get the items, so they just took it back." Well why does it say delivered on their tracking page? (see image)

Now I don't have the final parts to my build AND THEY DID IT ON PURPOSE. Why did snatch my items from me?

THE PRICES ARE HIKING UP! **** Newegg and all graphic cards are "out of stock" for them to raise the price without any backlash. They make it "hard to get." Within a week, I could have the graphics card for $750 and now it's already $780. Scummy practices and never purchasing from them again.

Who did the delivery? Usually UPS delivers my online orders and if a sig is required, they'll leave a notice and they try up to 3 times to deliver before sending it back. Perhaps they thought the address was undeliverable? wife had that happen once despite getting other packages. Sounds like the issue might be more with the delivery service than Newegg, all they do is take the order and have it shipped out, I doubt they shipped it directly to the factory on purpose. Was it one of Newegg's shops?

If it shipped back to factory, then you should automatically be refunded. I bought a surveillance camera for my porch just to deter package thefts, if nothing else I can prove that it was stolen or not delivered.
They wouldn't ship the card back to the factory, it'd go back to Newegg and you'd get a refund. I feel like you're being given the wrong info here or somebody snagged the package. Also was this a 3rd party marketplace seller or Newegg themelves.
I recently went through reciving 1 of two packages for a build I am doing.
the second package delivered by FeDex didnt show but was market delivered. I imediatly jumped through the hoops, this is back mind you prior to Xmas, and i am still awaiting my refund. there slow but you have to keep on them and get a supervisor after you submit your police report. only way, now i await my items to be refunded and deposited back in to my account.
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