Newbie building first computer! PLZ HELP!

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Hello everyone! This will be my first post.

Can someone tell me if my "build" goes well together. If you have any suggestions can they be Plus or Minus $10 from the prices of my current parts. I hope I'm not asking for too much.

I had already ordered these parts from with much nudging from my father. But i can always return or whatever and get the suggested parts. Thanks for helping me out.

-ASUS P5LD2 Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 945P ATX Intel Motherboard
-Rosewill RP500 ATX 500W Power Supply
-Intel Pentium D 805 Smithfield 533MHz FSB LGA 775 Dual Core,EM64T Processor Model BX80551PE2666FN
-Maxtor DiamondMax 10 6L300R0 300GB 7200 RPM IDE Ultra ATA133 Hard Drive
-CORSAIR XMS 1GB (2 x 512MB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 675 (PC2 5400) Unbuffered Dual Channel Kit System Memory Model TWIN2X1024-5400C4
-ZALMAN VF700LED - CU 80mm 2 Ball Blue LED Light VGA Cooling Fan with Heatsink
-ZALMAN CNPS9500 LED 92mm 2 Ball Blue LED Light Cooling Fan with Heatsink

I'm mostly worried about the motherboard due to some mixed reviews...some of which were REALLY "scary" to a newbie like me. Somesort of incompatibility with IDE Hard Drives.

Feel very nervous about my first computer and i just want to "make sure" and hear it from the experts. =)

Thanks in advance to those who reply!
My video Card is currently out of stock but its an eVGA 256-P2-N553-AX Geforce 7600GT CO 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card.

Edit: Oops...seems the card IS in stock...if you guys see nothing wrong with it i tihnk ill order it.
when you put the vf900 on the video card, be sure to clean the RAM and the GPU surfaces with Isopropyl alcohol to get the previous thermal paste off. you should have gotten AS5 but the thermal paste that comes with both should do.
Hey guitarfreek, thanks for your reply..any comments on the motherboard and such...thats wut REALLY bothers me. Thanks again. ( I love saying thanks so bear with me)
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