New mobo, bit of a problem


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ok, so, after all of my research my new mobo should fit with my set up... listed below

m3n78-vm asus mobo
amd athalon 5600 brisban 2.9 Ghz
PNY 9800gt 1gb, 256mb interface
8gb ram, 800Mhz, 1.8v

I went to a new gigabyte mobo (ga-ma770-ud3) with all the same hardware...

I think i F-up, cause when i stripped the thermal grease off of the cpu i think i carried a little on my fingers as i transferred the cpu and i think there is some on the cpu prongs and in the socket on the new mobo.

i didnt think anything of it as i powered up after everything was set in on my new antec 900 2 case, with my new mobo as i am going for more versatility.

my question is, if there is any amount of thermal grease on the cpu prongs or in the cpu socket, am i f-ed? and need a whole new mobo and cpu?

any input is welcome and required, as i am in a new realm of computer building that i thought and hoped i would ever be in....

thank you


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To be honest, I don't know if that would screw a motherboard over or not. If the computer turns on though, it shouldn't be a problem. However, like many things, it could become a problem in the long run.