new build - mini review and a few ???'s aboot performance :(


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have recently built a new rig and have the following...

2 x LG 24" Monitor (L246WH)
VISTA ULTIMATE 64-bit (with latest updates installed)
Motherboard - ASUS P6T WS PRO
CPU - Intel core i7 920 2.67GHz
CPU Cooler - Xigmatek HDT-S1283 - AWESOME!!! first ever CPU cooler and it fits in my case NO PROBLEMS :)
RAM - OCZ Gold XTC Triple Channel 3x2gig DDR3 1333MHz PC10600 - extremely well built ram and flashy looking too!! RECOMMENDED BRAND!!!
Vid - XFX Nvidia GTX 260 core 216 - extremely well built card, very solid when you hold it!! RECOMMENDED CARD!!!
PS - Corsair TX750W
Case - Cooler Master 690 - great case!! plenty of space for EVERYTHING, including upto 7 fans, and even the CPU cooler fits!!! HDD's face to the side panel which i prefer and very good cable management system!! more computer screws than you can ever use! RECOMMENDED!!!
HDD1 - Maxtor 200gig SATA
HDD2 - WD 320gig SATA
HDD4 - WD 500gig passport (external)
HDD5,6,7 - 3x WD 500gig my books (externals)

not that i am super dissapointed or anything but i was really expecting a super fast zippy zip flash bang system out of this build. and here's what i mean.

--- VISTA 64 bit takes nearly 6 minutes to boot from a fresh start which i find quite long. once booted there are 74 processes running. i do load a few programs on startup but its only a few.

--- the system can sometimes seem to stutter (sort of pause) for a few seconds at certain times when i have a few things running but c'mon, its a quad core i7 machine!

--- 1080p movies have a hard time playing using VLC unless i set the asus EPU-6 engine to rocket speed.

--- programs such as lightroom v2.3 64-bit load faster and processes previews fairly fast.

--- copying files goes pretty good.

--- can play most games at high res (1920x1080) which is AWESOME!! and they load FAST!!!

--- my RAM usuage is at approx 30-50% all the time which surprises me since i have a full 6gigs!

--- the CPU usage is usually less than 5% unless i play games and it might get to 30-40%

--- installing programs or games takes quite a bit of time too :(

was i expecting too much from this new build?
i really thought everything was going to be ULTRA FAST but thats really not the case :(

and about this whole quad core thing, how does that really work? is one core used per application or game? or can multiple cores get together and share the load of processing a application or game?
will OC'ing really increase my performance that much?
any recommendations? at the moment i feel as though this build is gonna crap out in a year :(


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Go to the start menu and type in msconfig. Then in that, go to the services tab and click "hide all Microsoft services." Then in the list above that, go through and deselect the services you know you don't need. Then go over to the startup tab. In that list, deselect anything you know you don't need. The stuff in the startup tab slows down the boot process, so deselecting items may or may not make things faster. I know you say you don't run a lot on boot, but every little bit helps.. Even the simplest of programs may add time to bootup.

It may also be wise to download and run CCleaner. This is a very nice program, and in it, run the cleaner and the registry tool. You might also want to check the startup tab in the tools menu to make sure you got everything with msconfig.

Out of all of this, what would help you the most is stopping all programs from running that you don't need, especially ones that start at boot. I had the same problem (50 percent of 4 gb of ram being used by 65 or so processes) now after I did what I gave you instructions to do, I get roughly 30 percent used with 40 processes. Occasionally, I will ctrl alt del some processes to give me a little extra boost while playing a game.

Not sure if defragging will help because its a newer system, but it wouldn't hurt to try.

You have a very nice system with s*it tons of hard drive space. I'm surprised its giving you some trouble.


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6 mins to boot up windows 64 bit vista.... Yeah there is def a problem there. and 76 processes is ALOT i got a few things open right now and have a few start up programs that are not accounted for either and I only have 42 processes right now.

Do as fllightsimboy said and go through all the stuff you don't need on start up and that should help a little but still 6 mins is an AWFUL long time to just boot into windows. How do you have your HDD's set up are they in a raid setup or just slapped in as separate drives?


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followed your advice (finally, been a bit busy), ran the following...spybot, adaware, cc cleaner --- then did the whole msconfig thing and now VISTA boots in 2.5 minutes which is pretty good i think :)


now i just have an issue with over 75 processes running which is really annoying :(
i started a new thread here, maybe you experts can take a quick look please?