Need Help With Wise Care 365 Pro!


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Hello, I have a huge problem, my C drive has 3 GB left, and I need advanced cleaner in Wise Care to function properly, so I can get some work space.
Please help.:cry:
Wise Care works always well, but it hardly helps you if You dont know what you want to do... You need to see/look for yourself what you don't need and delete these files. It is also necessary and possible to delete all old versions of backup files and much more. For example old installers, old logs, old event logs, etc. Only You know what you still have in your computer and what can be deleted.
As long as it is not known which computer it is, which OS is installed and how this computer has been maintained so far, nothing more can be said.
If you want to know something more, you need to provide more information.
PS. Have You ran Windows own built in cleaner, which name is Disk Cleanup?
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