need help with new system.


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This is what I got so far for procesor and mobo.

Athlon 64 3400
Asus a8v deluxe mobo

what would be the best video card for an agp slot at around 250$ at most. Also I could go with the asus a8n deluxe sli with 2x pci e video cards. My question for that would be what are the 2 best pci express video cards that would add up to 250-300$ that I could use with it. Would there be a huge difference between these combos?


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well for the agp you could get the 6600GT possibly the 6600GT OC or 6800 OC, im not sure about american prices.

for the SLI, the cheapest card you can get is once againg the 6600GT, which retails around 200$