Need help!!! Unknown MOBO!?!?!

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I am trying to find the drivers for a particular motherboard(of which I have no idea who maufactured it since it has no manufacturer or model number on it) there is a number stamped in ink on the front,1H 140214. Its an AMD socket A(462). I found a serial number on the back:s/n 0402101095. The It has an Nvidia nforce mcp chip # FB7075. There is an ITE chip #IT8712F-A. The sound chip is a Cchips(?) cm19739a. The 10/100 chip i think is a Ampenol. I need the USB, Ethernet, Sound, drivers and vid card which is a NVidia Riva TNT2 Model 64. Running 2000 professional, AMDxp 2800, 512mb ram. This computer belongs to a customer.


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are you sure there's no model numbers in micro print in the corner's?? Usally its the top left corner with a rev number. The fcc requires they put a model number on somewhere (even though they are not proud of the board) lol You can also look up the fcc number on their site.

Here's your sound drivers Driver

Here's your video drivers

And These drivers should cover the rest
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