Need help recognizing larger drive.

Brian M

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I am using XP w/SP2. My MB is D845EBT w/ ICH4 Chipset a BIOS of 06/18/02. I tried to update the BIOS from Intel and I am having no luck. The latest upate looked only to be 2 months after anyway. Is a serial ATA PCI controller the only way? The thing is the computer originally had a WD ATA/100 100GB drive and was replaced with a WD 80gb drive in the past. Recognized with no problem. Now that has gone bad I installed this Seagate Ultra ATA/100 160gb drive and it only sees 33gb. I tried using the Seagate software but it causes problems when I try to install the software after. Seagate does not recommend using their software for XP for installation assistance. Any ideas?