need for speed underground 2 not working

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i have installed need for speed underground 2 on my system.
but when i start playing the game after-a-while (30 min) my computer gives an error :

A blue screen appear for less then a second saying unable to dicide and windows must shutdown ..................

and my system reboots
What is this error ?

please help me with this problem because i cant play the game .

my system configuration:

amd athlon(tm) 64 processor 2800+
1.8ghz 480 (512) Ram


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Try updating the retail patch first. If that doesnt work, your best bet on software issues like that, at least as far as my luck has gone, is to directly contact the support site for the game and try live chat or an email. Normally that has fixed my problems. Let me know if you get anywhere with them.
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