MS Wallop and Google Orkut

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Update: I'm offering Invites for both on my site....look down.
Update: Wallop:

Is this new?
MS Wallop and Google Orkut are social networking services, like Friendster or yahoo! 360.

I am being too lazy to put all the info here, so excuse me if I am advertising.
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Sorry for if this is advertising, but here goes some more information:

Wallop has some kind of Flash interface, which I don't think Microsoft has experimented with yet. Sleek interface, with some music functions and weblink stuff, and gift stuff. Invites are needed to join. Message system.

Orkut has a SLOW html interface. Otherwise, it is pretty good. No music stuff or anything. Also, Orkut sometimes goes offline. The networking is great, though.

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That's pretty cool.
But it has media and communities, plus message system.

What's weird is that in the demographics, there are 71.64% of people from brazil, more than US's 6.87%....
That would bring me to think that they opened in Brazil.
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