Monitor not displaying


What choice did I have?..
TX (Soon CA)
Hey guys yesterday I received a phone call from my brother saying that my monitor was acting funny (kinda like a snowy TV channel)

When I got home the computer was off and the monitor was in it's standby mode, when I turned on the computer the screen won't wake up. I tried turning it off and on and all it does is say "Analog" then "Digital" and go back to sleep

The monitor works I guess, when I disconnect it the "Check cable" displays but the menu button just displays a "Test Good"

Any ideas? The video card is working and I've taken everything out and back in after cleaning it

The monitor is a Samsung Syncmaster T220, XFX 8600 GT and I'm using DVI

**I started messing around with the menu buttons and it will say "Check Cable" hmm possibly a dead cord?