Modifying Graphics Card Please help!


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Ok I installed a new power supply designed for gaming, and now the final part is installing the Radeon 1900XT.

The problem is, the motherboard in my computer has placed the PCI Express slot right at the top of the slots, and my graphics card needs two slots to fit.

I still tried putting it in but one of the steel parts that slides into the expasion slot keeps preventing the actual graphics card from being inserted.

The only way I could see myself putting the card in is if I got some cutters and cut off some of the excess steel parts.

Can anybody give me some warnings before I do this. I know im properly going to void the warrenty or something but honestly sending this card back is going to be a fricken nightmare and I really really want to keep it.


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ok so on every motherboard the pci-x slot is on top of the others. that card takes up two slots, and you say that there's a metal part blocking the second slot so you can't put the card in, all cases have covers on their expansion slots that you have to take off, usually they're punch out, i guarantee you don't need cutters, just remove them with your hands.

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either that or they are screwed in. either take them out by hand like BigLu said or take the screws out.

this motherboard doesn't have a PCI-E but its just to show you

the metal slots in the back can be taken off as show.


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Yeah.. just take 'em off. Mine didn't have screws holding them in, but I was able to just bend them out and they came loose.