Liking it better all the time.


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Message to CF "bosses", great improvement over the last site!, I think it's mainly due to the larger contingent of younger members, plus a few of us oldies, the previous site had a lot of tetchy older members/admin, once I wrote a shortish post all in bold,....shock/horror!, I was told that I musn't do that.
I fully realise that there has to be rules, I used to be head of a very large Company, not bragging, just a fact, & the place would have folded, if there hadn't been rules.
Anyway, more power to your elbows, as they say, who is the "big chief? I'd like to give him/her a virtual handshake.



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Yeh I agree, the young are balanced because people like Setishock around, who keep us young whippersnappers in line, so the forum, wont get out of control
Since Setishock and Alvino (haven't seen him on latley) have become moderators, this forum has calmed down to what it was like a year ago (My CF 1st birthday coming soon!)