An introduction, one of the OGs.


Lady Techie
Here are some examples, but I'm not quite that bad. I don't have a nasally way of talking and I can actually sound educated when I want. I guess you could say that Appalachian is mostly using different words or shortened versions of them, like winder for window, worsh for wash, yonder for there, mater for tomato, poke for bag, etc.
That's actually super comparable to our West Country accents, often called the "farmer" accent or "somerset" accent, like in this video;


HONK if you route packets
Texas native, no I don't talk like what you see on the big screen.

Been a TF member since 2002, this username is my 3rd iteration. I've kept a keen eye on progressing PC tech for over 10 years now, was a hardware reviewer for 3 years but quit when I noticed the site would let brands bully them for positive remarks. Looks like MSI is biting that bullet finally, since they were one of the biggest. I like to stay on the bleeding edge, but have a knack for helping people with rigs on a budget and making sure people make sensible choices in hardware. I've also done it on an enterprise level for almost 5 years now.

I'm also really into servers and networking but more as a hobby.

If it wasn't for forums I wouldn't be where I am today, I'll say that much lol.

Hey PP!
Was searching for something on here and saw that a recent post had your name on it. Glad that you are still in the game!