Just One Question ????????


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HELLO ! my question is that do any of you think that overheating of the cpu or the graphics card be caused just by one game, because thats what some of you said could be the problem, but as this is the only game it happens with i'm not sure myself. i have just dowmloaded a trial version of everest, but cant find temps for cpu or graphics card, i think theres one for the hd, is it cause its the trial version, or is it cause im too thick to find it. i have done everything i can think of to make it work, longer than 15 mins. latest drivers, optimised everything on the computer for performance. even thou i have all the specs it asks for i only have the minimum memory 512mb ram, the game should still work even if a little slow, the games is very good and this makes it more frustrating, i all out of ideas............ps there no patches i know of, all effects turned off.............please help me boo hoo hoo boo hooo , weep weep, its not fair. the game if any ones intrested is just cause


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Well, if you have tried everything, then consider getting more RAM. You are running at the bare minimum so it wont be helping.


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I had similiar problems at one point and upgraded my ram and my problems seem to dissappear.I play world of warcraft alot, and I had the bare minimum for ram 256 megs, and it ran terribly slow and choppy and my comp would get errors. I bought 1 gig which is a bit more than the recommended and it runs perfectly.