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I have finally gotten around to Updating my Irivers firmware, however its not working, I am sure I have the right Update file and I am following all the instructions, however its not doing what the instructions state it will do.

1. Dissconnect H10
2. Turn Off H10
3. Reset H10
4. Connect H10 to PC
5. Press and Hold the ON button Until the Message "emergency Connection" appears.

At Number 5 it doesn't work, the H10 does not Display the Emergency connect message and it goes right to USB Connected screen, and the Update will not continue because the Iriver did not properly connect/respond.

I have no idea what to do, I have tried it from start to finish 7 times, and Still no Emergency connect message.
I need to update its firmware Because, it will radomly turn itself on and freeze at odd periods during the night. :confused:

Edit: Problem Solved, I had to Hold down the Enter Button on the Iriver as I was Turning it on.
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