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I really dont know the coz but my pc doesnt detect my internet connection though the it is active. All softwares that require internet connection doesnt detect the connection too. Im a dial-up user. What could be the prob? I was even forced to reformat my drive bcoz of it.
im using win98se. i tried to reinstall my dial-up networking software yet nothing happens. i even tried the tech support hotline but they werent able 2 help me.
that's not good,...a support hotline that doesn't support. that's the thing with win98,..sometimes you just cant figure out what the problem is. maybe others here can help.

just one more question.. do you have an ISP?
what i mean is do you have it prepaid or post paid access?

here in the philippines,..they have a prepaid internet dial-up access...this type of access also have support hotlines that doesn't "support" ..if you know what i mean.
have you been able to open up the "dial up" dialogue box at all? if so you might need to change settings for it to use your modem as 'default' and make sure you have drivers for your modem
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