Internet is slow and its hooked up to two computers...


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I own two computers in my house, one upstairs and one downstairs...we have a modem and network router downstairs so through that computer I get my internet. But when I was cleaning the plugs I messed up the order of them and now I can't get both of them to work at the same time. Either one will have internet, or one won't. And I think this is causing slow internet connections as well since I may have had it hooked up wrong even before this.

Any help is appreciated.


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When you say that you are cleaning the plugs. What plugs are they. Are you talking about the Ethernet cable plugs, the Ethernet ports of the router, or something else entirely?


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If you have the modem plugged into the routers WAN port, and the other 2 eterhnet cables plugged into the ports of the router, there should be no reason (logically) that one internet would be working and one would not be.

Now below are a list of things that could be causing them to be messed up:

1. (You said you cleaned them) What did you use to clean them with? Compressed Air, Water, Windex or What. ""Cause it could be possible that you damaged one of the wires and not allowing it to get a connection or have shorted out.

2. Possiblity that one of your ports in the router has been disabled, by accident, hard reset, power surge. Also this could also mean a port on the router is damaged.

3. Have you tried switching the ports that each of your ethernet cables plug into, to make sure that one port is not bad?

Hopefully this has helped, I will keep a look on this thread to see if any updates have came that maybe I can assit you further.



ok, get computer 1 and get the cable plug it in the back of computer 1, take the cable into the router port 1, then get computer 2 and get the cable plug it in computer 2 then take the cable and plug it in port 2 on the router, then get your modem box and stick the cable in and take it to WAN port in the router, then unplug both modem and router and plug back in.

then this should be ok