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I no it's a bit nieve I like to go and play on Coke Music ( ,but recently actually about a few weeks ago I try to log on there and there's all these javascript errors that prevent anything from poping up (the pop-ups) which the site is bases on to play the game or thing whatever we w/e. Anyway I tried changing all the security setting and what not or what ever. I still couldn't get it to work. So I install opera internet browser that didn't work, so I installed Netscape Navigator internet explorer, thing. That DIDN'T WORK! Sadly enough so I thought it might be a website error since my computer thinks that but when I log in to a laptop or my brother's computer in the house other computers it works.....
Any solutions on how I could fix this javascript problem that my windows xp : professional thinks is a website error? but it's not someone please check the site for me, thanks. Or is it or could it be a virus.....?..............
Same Here

*blinks at Microbell's comment* Actually, Microbell, does not try "to install/test/open a java applet." To access the chatting features of the website, it uses javascript pop-ups. You have to click on a link by your own choice and go in, thus giving the site permission through your action, to open a pop-up with javascript.

And, Digitalxl, I have the same problem on one of my computers. I think that Cokemusic used to work on the problematic computer, but now it doesn't. Whenever I try to access the site's pop-ups, I get an error, and it asks me whether I want to rebug. Yet the other computer in the same room, on the same network and all, does not experience this problem. I believe it's because the computer with problems does not possess the scripting to access that pop-up. But I may be wrong. It's just a thought.
If no browser you have tried works with the site, then it sounds like the sites problem.
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