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My web toolbar is gone and I mean gone - as in no back, foward, no file, view, tools anything. I can get the neccessities by right-clicking and using Alt+V but that is getting old. A couple of weeks ago same thing happened so after hours of trying to do fix it I just went to Add/Remove programs and I repaired IE 6 and its tools. Worked like a charm.

So this time (it happened after the computer froze and I restarted it) I went to do the same thing and it didn't work. I uninstalled and re-installed IE 6 - nothing. Then I tried to repair it again - nothing.

To make a long and boring story short - how can I get my IE web toolbar back?
What is available up at the top of the screen? is the address bar there? if nothing is there there are only 2 things I can thing of, the F11 view or kiosk mode. With F11 there would be the standard buttons in the top right and they would auto hide after a few seconds. With Kiosk the page would be FULL screen, no minimize or close or anything. You could only get into that by putting a -k argument in from of the shortcut for IE. Other than things I could only assume file corruption or a virus.
I am running Windows 98.

There is no address bar or anything. I can get an address bar to appear as a part of a taskbar by right clicking and selecting it. The only thing that is up there is a IE icon and a title of the page I am currently viewing (if you can follow what I am so ignorantly trying to say LOL).

I ran a thorough McAfee VShield today on all files and programs and there were no viruses found (although I must admit my McAfee is not up to date).

Any suggestions?:confused:
Do this, if you can... Open IE, then hit your print screen button.

Now go to your desktop, create a new BMP image by right clicking, and selecting new---bitmap image, after you do that, click edit up at top, then click paste. Save the file and post it here, If I can see what this looks like it might help alot

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