IBM thinkpads?


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I was just wondering why IBM thinkpads are SOOO expensive but the specs arent that great. Today i went to a local computer store and i saw some IBM thinkpads for like $1500 but it was a P3, 1.44 ghz, 128MB, and like 15GB.. my teacher and my friends have one. They spent a lot on it and when i use them, they are fairly quick and can run big programs like Logic. Are IBM thinkpads just overpriced or are they actually good. I can't find any that are like 2.0+ Ghz, or even 512 . and they are all over $800..


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Thinkpads are friggin expensive coz-

1)Quality, u dun really hear of thinkpads giving its consumers much probs.

2)Materials used, most of their range have titanium coated covers, and IBM thinkpads are quite rugged

3)Branding, just like Sony, coz of its IBM tag, its price is increased

I own a T30 for 2+ years and im still very happy with it, even after dropping it frm a height of a metre once (it still runs perfectly with a small part of the cover cracked, but it didnt affect the LCD screen, didnt bother to send for repairs, coz warranty ran out and its friggin exp to repair that crack -titanium coated cover)

its true that IBM laptops were never made for gamers, but they still can run much games reasonably well (unless you're the type who demands max settings for games, thn IBM does not cater to u)

and i like its sleek black colour :)