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I have a Dell Dimension 4100, 256MB, 60G HD. I have just gotten broadband and need to get the Ethernet card installed. The cable company provided me with a card, DTNet Technologies Ethernet Network Adapter. No instructions were included. I have installed the board, attached the provided wire to the ethernet board, but can't figure out where the other end of that cable fits onto my computer. It's about 10 inches long, twisted red, green and black wires. The end that is left, has a 3 hole female plug end. HELP! Where does this go?:confused:
There should be port on your cable modem or router that either says "uplink" or something similar on the cable modem. Plug the other end of the wire into that.
If you are talking about the RJ-45 Connector, which looks like an overlarge phone cord, that goes from the port on the back of the card, to the cable modem.

But I think what they have given you is a "Wake-On Lan" Cable. What this is for is to start your computer when its off, by having someone on your network send a command to the motherboard. Normally, that wire attaches to the WOL jumper on the motherboard.

I would suggest you do not attach it. Most likely you will have no use for it. Just install the NIC in the PCI slot, attach the ethernet cable to the back of the computer and to the modem, then install the NIC drivers and you should be on.

Let me know if you have any more questions.
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