How to take Screen Shots of Movies(dvds)

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Ive spent like 3 hours today trying to figure this out, heres my problem:

First off the DVD is Spirited away, I open it in Windows Media Player and pause the scene i want a screen shot of.
I press PrntScrn or alt+prntScreen, paste it, and the area where the movie should be is black, Windows media player and the task bar show up tho. No im not done.

So i took someones advice and put the 3D acceleration in Media Player to none(from someones advice) and try it, still black.

Next I hear in order to take pictures of thinks using Direct X or any of that kind of stuff you need special software, so I downloaded Hypersnap or something and fooled around with the settings like it told me to for DVD's and now i get a picture where the black square was, but that picture changes based on if the movie changes. For example: if I press pause, take a screen shot, save it, rename it totally randomly so it cant be changed, and press play, and look at the file again it will be whatever its playing. If i close windows media player or wahtever Im using to watch it, it goes black. Its NOT resaving the file, it must have something to do with the Image code that links it to the video, HOW DO I GET THIS TO WORK! UGH! sorry, Help would be GREATLY appreciated considering its a rental.
You can download a program called SnagIt. Go to and do a search. You can capture anything with it.
I understand the reason it goes black is cause its using your 3d hardware to play the movie, so it doesnt see it. So EVERYONE says to turn off you graffic acceleration in media player and its still black, and when i do get it to work with 3rd party programs like Hypersnap the image CONSTANTLY changes based on what its playing. Ill try a different player, but anywhere know where i can get a trial or something. It needs to use DirectX.
I had this problem and solved it by: Start Media Player 9, Tools...Options... Performance Tab...Avanced Button on the bottom...Unclick/Uncheck Video Overlay in both places. This worked for me, but I don't know if this is something for all video cards etc.

This has worked every time for me, when Video Overlay is on, I get the black screen or the weird video still running in the capture area. Hope this helps...
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