How Should I Cool it?

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I'm going to be building a gaming computer soon using an Intel DX580SO Motherboard and Core i7-950 cpu combo. I intend to overclock the processor from 3.06ghz to 4.2ghz, which apparently can bring a normal rig up to 74C under stress. I'm going to be using a fairly good power supply and case (Antec 1200) which has a really good fan system, but I'm still not sure whether I should keep it fan cooled or switch to liquid cooling. Any ideas?

Link to case and power supply combo

Air cooling will be fine, it's much less complicated and easier to maintain than water cooling. For a 4.2Ghz OC it'll be fine.
If you're going to OC you should buy the i7 920. It's equal to the i7 950 except the stock speed. They both have the same potential on OC.
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