Adding cooling fan to HDD enclosure


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Adding cooling fan to HDD enclosure

I would like more storage however I believe a couple of SATA ports have failed.
1.not sure how to test and replace a SATA port I'm planning at minimum swapping a know good SATA cable. if a SATA port fails can I split the signal from a good port? when all ATA ports fail must the mobo be replaced?

2.So next drive will probably be USB. there are a couple unused USB headers on the H57 MOBO maybe I can connect fan directly to MOBO like it was a case fan.

3.Should the fan push air onto the HDD or pull the hot air away.

I have the fan powered w/ another USB the inconvenient part is either turning off the fan w/ a switch or unplug after the PC is powered down.

What do you Guy's think about my plan.


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Never heard of HDD's facing heating problems.

SATA ports are known for me to fail because of moisture and cheap cables only.

Otherwise it could be voltage regulations because of the PSU, mobo or the HDD's itself.

As for ventilation; typically it is pusher fans to the part then puller fans on the chassis and the current has to circulate. It's different for cars, tho, since driving will cause air to hit the grills so it's better to use puller fans ;)
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