any dell XPS buffs here?


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bought a dell xps 8940 to replae my old and abused HP in the specs (which surprisingly held up for about 4 years of massive multitasking and gaming abuse beyond its capacity)

(pre)anyway are any of the dell and hp components interchangeable?
it seems like physically both companies use almost identical generic brand components even motherboard looks very similar

i got i7-10700 2.9ghz
upgraded to 32gb micron ddr4 3200
upgraded to 1tb oem nvme drive as well
and it came with gtx 1650 super which pulls destiny 2 at 4k at 55fps very angrily
with windows 11 pro
360watt psu and the basic most useless fan

total it cost me about 650 with fuel to go pick it up and buying ram and ssd on ebay

so i consider it a decent deal

besides the obvious and most reasonable advice to get rid of it
what can i do to make it better?
there are many unresolved and questionable things about these systems on teh web
like whether i can or cannot upgrade the psu or ram or what video card to run with what psu

can i use alienware PSU with this motherboard? even if it requires physical mods to cut out the psu butthole to fit it in
is there a liquid cooler option that can even work with it?
is there a heatsink kit that i should use to keep the temps down on ram and other components that are good bang for the buck?
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well if you dont know about what im asking why comment?
im looking for someone who knows more about these systems
not very clear on your intent....You say you want to get rid of it but your not stating the Dell or the HP pc? Make what better??? please make your post easier to understand
literally he first line of text. which part do you not understand? did you even try to read?
if i put all information in my post people get confused
if i dont put all information in post people start asking me useless unrelated info
i dont know how to write the fn posts anymore to please everyone

best way is if you dont understand what is written then skip the post
so anyone who actually knows about xps prebuilts that can possibly answer few questions?
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