How can I burn a Video on a CD that personal dvd player will play?


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Hey guys, Thanks for looking in advance.

My question is I have a movie, and I burned it to a cd-r, (in which my Personal DvD player said it can play) and when I put it in, I get an "unknown disk" message. Can anyone tell me how to "get around" this problem? My computer recognizes it btw and I can play it on there, however not on my Dvd player :confused:

Anything else you need to know, just let me know, I will check back often, and THANKS!

Disclaimer: I ofcourse own all the movies I'm burning, and in no way trying to sell/copy/ :D


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This depends.

Use Nero, and make a Super Video CD/ or a Video CD, depending on the quality you want/vs size, and converts the video to play right.

Just dumping a video onto a disc won't in most cases (though some DVD players now do have the capability to play some AVI files) won't work.

Video CD and Super Video Cd formats will play in most DVD players, but some just don't play them at all. Check the instruction manual :)

The logos are usually like this: