Help With Parts List Please


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I am new on these forums, so first off let me say hi..."Hi". Now my reason for posting.

My mother is giving me about $2,000 to spend on computer parts so I can build a computer. I do not know computers internals very well so I am asking for some help. Things that I do want are listed below:

-19" flat LCD monitors (X2) <for extended desktop settings>
-1 GB of RAM <minimum>
-80GB Hard Drive + 40GB Hard Drive
-USB (4 ports)
-Firewire (1 port)
-DVD <with burning abilities>
-CD <with burning abilites>
-<I will pick the case myself, but if you have any suggestions I would like to hear it, I like blue lights myself and a veiwing window, and a case that stands upright>

Everything else like a motherboard and the processor etc...just keep in mind speed, speed!
Lastly, I dont know what kind of monitors to get for I am not familear with LCDs but I do a lot of video stuff and I make websites so somthing really good. (I trust your judgment and I hope im not asking a lot).

I should also add that I do a lot of 3D work as well, so keep that in mind too. "Gotta play Battlefield 2 :)" THIS IS IN AMERICAN DOLLARS, US MONEY

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i do not know which is better AMD or INTEL, somthing that is compatable with lots of stuff and remember speed!

my plans for computer
-3D stuff with Lightwave 8.0, poser, bryce, etc
-Website design
-Photoshop CS
-Battlefield 2 (w00t!)
-Ilustrator CS
-Half Life 2 moding

yes i am using for buying the parts


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well then you will want an AMD. They are sweet in Photoshop and web production, and you want ot game so AMD it is!