has this foruns for a irc channel

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I dont believe we have set up an IRC channel yet.

Not that I can use IRC from work anyway, bah.
thx for the link, i dont think thats worth risking my job over though. If they cought me using software like that, Id be out faster than I could figure out whats going on.
ya, chat of any kind is banned from here. they only tolerate forum use, so i dont think ill push it.
ive been working on a phpmychat room thats intergrateed into the forums. Ive been a little slack at finishing it :) Ill get it done over the next few hours.

thats cool, i might be able to get away with that. But i doubt it.

oh very flash :), i was just thinking about finding a free irc server but hey site integration is a excellent idea
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